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Maine Adult Education College Transitions Program

The Maine College Transitions Program is a collaboration between local colleges and adult education programs.

The purpose of Maine College Transitions is to help adults prepare for and transition to college.


Who is eligible to enroll in KV Academy?

Eligibility for this free college preparation program is limited to:


  • Adults who graduated from high school, an adult education diploma, or high school equivalency program
  • Adults who need academic preparation for college
  • Adults who need assistance in the college application process
  • Please note, current high school students are not eligible


Why should I enroll in College Transitions?

If you register as a College Transitions student, you will be eligible for:


  • Registration fee waivers or rebates for adult education classes (book, lab or material fees apply)
  • Access to tours, workshops, college planning events
  • One-on-one college counseling
  • Study skills support services


What will I need to do as a College Transitions student?

In order to receive College Transitions services and benefits, you must agree to:


  • Meet with a career counselor and provide demographic information
  • Enroll in Number Skills, Writing Skills, Reading or Algebra Skills
  • Take the ACCUPLACER placement tests (pre and post)
  • Allow follow-up data to be collected on you as you transition into college
  • Participate in financial aid and college planning workshops
  • Tour a college campus


 What do I have to do to enroll?

 Schedule a meeting with counselors:


  • KVCC—Val Landry (days) at 453-5101
  • Fairfield—Deb Bomaster, Linda Davis (days) or Mary Lucia (evenings) at 453-4200, ext. 3114
  • Waterville—Hannah Bard at 873-5754
  • Skowhegan—Vicki Baker at 474-7553



These core courses form the foundations for student success.



This course covers the basic arithmetic of whole numbers, exponents and roots, the order of operations, fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportion, measurement and units, integers, geometry and simple statistics.  Coursework will prepare students for the ACCUPLACER arithmetic test.



This course covers real numbers and algebraic expressions, formulas, linear equations, factoring polynomials and solving quadratic equations.  This course meets the algebra prerequisite for KVCC and prepares students for the ACCUPLACER algebra test.



This course covers conventions of standard English usage with their applications in writing sentences, paragraphs, and simple essays.  Coursework will prepare students for the ACCUPLACER sentence skills test or the Writeplacer test.



This course is a college-level reading course designed to help students improve their reading comprehension and ability to do critical analysis. Students will develop advanced vocabulary skills and improve their reading speed and comprehension in assignments involving lengthy and difficult college-level texts and scholarly articles.



College prerequisites in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are also available for College Transitions students.



Deb Bomaster, Mary Lucia, Linda Davis
Lawrence Adult Education
207.453.4200, ext. 3114
Bill Laney, Vicki Baker
MSAD 54 Adult and Community Education
Hannah Bard
Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education


Val Landry
Kennebec Valley Community College





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