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  • Sep
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    Nurturing Father Class

    Tailored to meet the needs and learning styles of any male parenting a child, this class focuses on and explains the roots of fathering, nurturing children and self, positive discipline methods, managing anger and resolving conflict, teamwork with partner, balancing work and fathering, and much more.

  • Sep
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    Word Processing Applications

    Discover the basics of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Participants will learn how to cut, copy, paste, as well as become familiar with fonts, formatting text, bullets, text boxes, pictures, and more! Create letterhead, business letters, and reports. Please bring a flash drive to class to save your work.

  • Oct
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    Photography I – Introduction to Photography (Session 1)

    What is the rule of thirds? Why are my images boring? Why does my friend take the same picture as I do and her picture looks better? Bring your camera to class and learn how to make a great image rather than simply take a photograph. We will focus on what constitutes a great image […]

  • Oct
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    Reiki Level One

    Learn Reiki from the Japanese tradition which expands and increases life force energy that is universal and moves through the body when you learn to become a clear channel. In this class we will open up our energy chakras via breath work, guided meditation practices, hands-on practice, and through attunements given by the instructor. You […]

  • Oct
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    Elder Law: The Basics

    This free, two-hour class will include discussion regarding retirement planning, advance directives, guardianships and conservatorships, second marriage family planning, long-term care and estate planning. Attorney John Nale will be available after class to answer any questions as well. This class is scheduled on-site at Lawrence Adult Education; however if the need arises due to Covid-19, […]

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