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  • Feb
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    Introduction to Throwing Clay on a Wheel – 1

    Have you ever wanted to try throwing a on a wheel without the commitment of a multi-week class? This introductory class will involve the basics: centering clay on a wheel, throwing clay, and making a simple object. Beginners are encouraged to try this class and discover the magic of pottery! All materials included: clay, glazes, […]

  • Feb
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    Introduction to Poetry – WS20

    If you’re a poetry fan, this class is for you! Join in with other enthusiasts for poetry readings from Essential Pleasures: A New Anthology of Poems to Read Aloud, by Robert Pinsky. You’ll be introduced to traditional elements of poetry such as rhyme, repetition, and meter. There will be some discussion (but no analysis) of […]

  • Feb
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    Microsoft Word – WS20

    Discover the basics of Microsoft Word. Learn how to cut, copy, paste, as well as become familiar with fonts, formatting text, bullets, page layouts, mailings, views, headers and footers, tables, text boxes, pictures, and more! Create letterheads, business letters, and reports. Please bring a flash drive to class.

  • Mar
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    Oshana Energy Work Method – WS20

    The Oshana Energy Work Method (OEWM), developed by Dave Oshana, is a powerful energy work, health care system designed to tone, detoxify, and strengthen the body’s muscles and internal organs. The simple physical movements remove stress from the body, mind, and emotions. Immediate health benefits are received. OEWM uses a series of physical moves, postures, […]

  • Mar
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    Student Success – Module 2 – WS20

    To register for this academic class, call 207.453.4200, ext. 3114 for more information. This course, designed with University of Maine at Augusta and Kennebec Valley Community College, will assist students to develop the skills necessary to be successful in college. The class will cover topics such as college applications, FAFSA and financial aid, study skills, […]

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