Fall 2020 

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    Community Nurturing Parenting – F20

    This is a 10-session program tailored to meet the needs and learning styles of anyone parenting a child! The classes focus on various topics such as stages of growth for infants/toddlers, brain development in children and teens, communication, dealing with stress & much more!

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    Medicare 101 – F20 – Session 1

    Medicare is not one size fits all. New to Medicare? This session will review a wide variety of information to help you navigate the waters. We will review how to obtain Medicare, when you are eligible and many other important topics including supplemental insurance to compliment original Medicare. If you are currently enrolled in Medicare […]

  • Oct
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    Student Success – Module 2 – F20

    This course, designed with University of Maine at Augusta and Kennebec Valley Community College, will assist students to develop the skills necessary to be successful in college. The class will cover topics such as college applications, FAFSA and financial aid, study skills, time management, and more in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. The class will be […]

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    Oshana Energy Work Method – F20

    The Oshana Energy Work Method (OEWM), developed by Dave Oshana, is a powerful energy work, health care system designed to tone, detoxify, and strengthen the body’s muscles and internal organs. The simple physical movements remove stress from the body, mind, and emotions. Immediate health benefits are received. OEWM uses a series of physical moves, postures, […]

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    Medical Terminology 350 – F20

    Medical Terminology 350 is designed to be the fasted and most effective method to teach the most commonly used Greek and Latin elements of medical terminology. This course works in conjunction with the natural learning process of the brain by converting abstract medical elements into images of real and familiar objects that makes it incredibly […]

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